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Phone Orders - MUST READ!!!
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Phone orders - some customers prefer to place orders by phone. These can sometimes be lengthy and involved and take a varying amount of input, knowledge and guidance from the operative.The operative is very possible the first point of contact the... Read More
Relay Service Login ID’s
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EFLORIST We have the following shop ID's on uk.eflorist.net  (all passwords are pre-saved) 80333    25155    25227    25226    25234   25235 DIRECT2FLORIST We have the following shop ID's on direct2florist.co.uk  (all passwords... Read More
Editing An Order
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This article covers editing an existing order. See Creating a Manual Order for instructions on manually creating a new order. Editing an order that has already been paid for will not change what the customer was charged at the time of placing the... Read More
Search For An Order
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Go to Orders › Search. In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Orders › Search Orders. Advanced Search The settings in Advanced search allow you to search orders by the following criteria: Search Keywords — search... Read More
How To Add A Manual Order On Our Websites
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1. Go to Orders › Add. 2. Select if the order is for a New or Existing Customer. a. For a New Customer, enter their email address, fill out the required fields, then click Next. If you want to create an account for the new customer, specify a... Read More