Dealing With Complaints - General Guidelines

Dealing with complaints:


Our aim is to keep a client happy, avoid bad reviews, avoid refunds and if given, that they are kept to a minimum.

Possible reasons for complaints are:


Flowers differ from what was shown or described:


This is a common complaint and is covered largely by our terms which say that we can substitute flowers for quality, seasonal reasons or just availability which will vary in the year. Sometimes the florist gets it wrong and sometimes the order is vague and not clear for the florist. At all times, this needs to be investigated and a fair judgement reached.


Flowers didn't arrive at all:


Reasons for this are that the address was wrong, that we attempted delivery but no one was at home, that they were left safe and not found, left with a neighbour but the recipient had not seen the card indicating the location of the flowers, the order was not seen or made, it was not delivered by our overnight service, it was not delivered by our drivers or taxi, we just couldn't find the place. Each of these scenarios has a different potential outcome and some are the senders' fault and some are ours. It is a matter of judgement to decide when to give a refund and at what level. However, the aim is always a redelivery even if there has to be a significant upgrade and potentially a refund for the delivery charge.


The most regular reason is that our overnight courier is at fault. Sometimes the address is wrong or there is no one at home, but we need to be in contact with them to find the actual genuine reasons and also to try and make sure that we and they learn and avoid these mistakes which are very, very costly to our company.


Flowers arrive late or on the wrong day:


This is mostly distressing for the customer if it is for a special day event such as a birthday, anniversary or a funeral. Where it is for another reason, usually there is less reason to stress and customers are more open to being understanding. If we do miss the big day, it is still usually possible to do a resend with upgrade and/or a partial refund. However, it may ultimately be necessary to give a full refund.


Flowers are damaged or dead:


We very rarely send out anything that is dead or damaged and customers are prone to exaggerate. However it can happen and some of the reasons are: they were damaged or bruised in transit, an overnight box has been squashed or badly handled, the water or beads have come out from the aqua pack, the roses have their weathering petals for protection which can look like they are damaged when they are not. In all of these examples, we need to see a photo within 24 hours and can decide from there. Most times there are a small number of affected flowers and a small refund can be made. If particularly bad, we can make a resend and even an upgrade. On very rare occasions should we give a full refund.


Sometimes there are multiple problems and a combination of the above. In difficult situations, a complaint can be escalated and dealt with by a senior member of staff or director. This should be avoided if possible but is an option for the very extreme cases. In particular, it should be referred to a senior person for corporate customers and VIP customers.


If a customer is dealt with politely and efficiently at ALL times, it often stops a situation deteriorating and has a much better outcome.

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Assessing Complaints
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